Tuesday, 16 August 2016



The latest quarter report had been significantly improved over the past few years.

The fair value of Penta worths at least RM 1.30.  WHY?

1) The latest quarter reports of Penta made a really explosive result and it can be considered the best quarter result for the past 10 years.

2) Automated Equipment), some people might be still thinking what are Automated Equipment, Automated manufacturing Solution, and Smart Control Solution System?
Automated Equipment is a kind of control system that normally used in the operating system such as machinery, processes in factories, boiler, heat treating oven,steering and stabilization of ships and other applications with minimal of human intervention.  

Automated manufacturing solution refers to the manufacturing production can be produced without much human intervention. 

Smart Control Solution System refers to the manufacturing process or any pieces of equipment u can even control it by using your devices such as a smartphone,computer and so on. 

3) Automated Equipment segment recorded increase about RM 9.0 million due to higher demand for the semiconductor market. we expect to see more revenue generate from the same segment.

4) Automated manufacturing solution made 2.0 million higher than the previous corresponding quarter as the demand from the customer had significantly increased.

5) In Smart Control Solution system, Penta had achieved a total revenue of 3.5 million from this segment.

6) The company has a very strong positive prospect for the company in the next second half year which will continue the improve its performance based on the current order book in hand.

7) Penta holds Net Cash of around RM25 million in hand.

8) Revenue doubles up more than 100% compared to the previous corresponding quarter report.

9) Short-term bank borrowing is only RM 530k 

10) From all the current information, we believe that Penta will continue to achieve a better result due to the high demand for the new segment and current book order.

Lastly, RM 1.30 is only a fair price for Penta when PE ratio reaches 10.

I personally would give RM 1.70 as I strongly believe that Penta will be one of the shining stars in the coming years.


*All the information above is just for reference only, trade at your own risk.



Friday, 13 May 2016

KTC (0180) Strong Support Level formed at 0.340

Strong support level at 0.340

A strong support level has formed at 0.340, there is an opportunity for investors to catch the rebound.

Target Price : 0.355-0.360
Stop Loss : 0. 325-0.330

Disclaimer:  the above information is Not recommendation for buying or selling stock. Information is given purely for education purpose. Trade at your own risk. 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Harbour-Link Group Bhd has announced to give out 5.5% of first and final dividend

I will just point it out in point form format, so that it will be easier for you guys to understand. :)

  1. The dividend has increased from 2.50 cents to 5.50 cents which is more than double. 
     2.  The dividend has been continuously increased since 2007.

     3.  Dividend indicates the earning of the company. As the company earns more, it will be                         more like to give out more dividends.

   4.  This is the first time ever Harbour pays 5.50cents dividend.

   5.  Every quarter report, Harbour has always shown higher earning compared to previous                   quarter report.


   All the information above is just for reference only, trade at your own risk.

Friday, 11 September 2015


Harbour-Link Group Bhd

40 years of growth

Harbour-Link Group Berhad (2062, HARBOUR)  is a Malaysia-based investment holding company engaged in the provision of management services to the subsidiaries. The principal activities of the subsidiaries include:

1. Integrated Logistic services

2. Shipping and Marine services

3. Engineering and Construction works

4. Heavy Lifting and Haulage services

5. Property development

Quarter report for the last two years

Harbour-Link Group Bhd is a growing company where its revenue and profit have been increased from quarters to quarters. NTA is getting higher, which is from 1.17 to 1.54. NTA ( Net Tangible Asset) refers to the total asset minus all the liabilities and intangible assets that the company owns.  

Next, the net profit of the recent quarter report is RM15,583,000, which means the profit has been increased about 30% compare to last year. 

Look at the P/E ratio is only 8.11 and the Earning Per Share is 28.62.
This is a growing company and the stock price is undervalue. 

In my opinion, i would like to give RM 2.80 as my target price when the PE reaches 10.